Who are we?

Conscious Clarity Designs are a passionate brand producing high quality affordable art prints and fluid abstract art to suit all homes and interiors. We are UK based and create all art by hand, to add that extra personal touch. Commissioned pieces are available, if anyone is interested please do not hesitate to get in contact with us!

CCD prides itself in delivering personal and friendly services to all who shop with us.  The plan for the future is to expand our ranges and sizes to accommodate a wider audience.

If you would like to donate to help expand the business and produce more artwork, please feel free to contact me. I really appreciate any love and support towards CCD. 


So, the story begins when in my second year of university, January 2019. My anxiety seriously flared up and It got to the point of not wanting to leave my student accommodation because I could not face going in and the pressures of the workload. Some days would be a struggle to wake up and motivate myself to go into the studios, but I pushed through the term and still achieved a high grade. Towards the end of the year, I realised I needed help to overcome my mental health issues, so I decided to go see the doctor to discuss my anxiety. My diagnosis was a lot worse than expected as I was told I had anxiety, depression, and OCD so it was quite overwhelming. After my doctors, appointment, I signed up for counselling and this is when my life began to change.

My counsellor introduced me to mindful practices, and it opened my eyes to a new way of life. Through using mindful practices, I overcame the darkest part of my life and come out the other end with a new lease of life. Along my counselling journey, I discovered the Law of Attraction and started to put myself first. It taught me selflove and acceptance is key to living a happy, positive life, along with understanding myself and others around me. It helped me re-evaluate my life and improve my mindset completely.


During my last year of studies, I implemented my mindfulness practices into my work and produced a mindful, yoga and meditation collection for my final major project. Through my project, I researched further into colour theories, patterns, and abstract art to help bring calm and balance into people’s lives. I finally felt like I was doing something right in life and loved every minute of it.


Unfortunately, the COVID19 pandemic occurred and my university life had a sudden end. My life was once again flipped upside down like many others, as I could not finish my degree the way I initially intended. I had to return home to safety and leave behind my university life.


With returning home, it meant I had to finish my degree virtually which is rather hard for a design degree when you need sewing machines and high tech equipment, but it also meant I had more free time. With this free time, I decided to start living the life I wanted and bring forth my own opportunities.


I developed my skills I had learnt throughout my studies and learned new ones. I experimented with new mediums and fell back in love with art and illustration. I believe, if it was not for my investment in art, then I would not have been able to cope as well as I did throughout lockdown and COVID19.


This is where my business ‘Conscious Clarity Designs’ began. I want to create art to make people feel empowered, motivated, loved, and bring calm and balance to their lives; teach self-love and freedom of expression through art and make a positive impact on the world.


Sustainability is at heart of the business and CCD aim to do our part in the world. The packaging is recyclable, and the artwork is sealed with a UV protectant finish to extend the life of the product. I try to keep the wastage down to a minimum to help the planet and explore further sustainable products to produce our artwork. ♡



Supporting Creativity and Innovation


Hi, I'm Raychelle, the founder and Artist behind Conscious Clarity Designs. I am a Contour Fashion Graduate specialising in sportswear design and print design, who has a passion for abstract art and illustration. 

Throughout my life, I have always been very creative and taken interest in the freedom and expression art can bring. The fluidity of paint and ink, brings calmness and clarity to my mind, which is what I want to reflect throughout my work.

I want to empower and inspire women, through the use of art to help with the practice of self love and mindfulness.